September 21, 2021

Episode 6: The I Dream of Home Made Cameras (and Minox) Podcast

This week we get a special surprise visit from Jeff and Gabe from the I Dream of Cameras Podcast, Nick Lyle from the Home Made Cameras Podcast, and West Texan photographer and Noblex fan, Liz Potter where we talk about everything from small Minox cameras to large format.  Of course panoramic cameras are discussed again, as are the best entry points into 4x5.

We will be off next week, but will return with a new episode the first week of October.  If you'd like to talk to us, be sure to keep an eye here for a new link which will be posted around noon Central Time Sunday, October 3rd!

This Week's Episode

  • Everyone loves Minoxes!
  • Are Minoxes Really Spy Cameras?
  • Black and White Panoramas in a Noblex in West Texas
  • The Creator of the Noblex was Once in a Gulag
  • Gabe Has a Rolleiflex Collection
  • We Talk about Panoramic Cameras Again
  • Something Called a Loreo Stereo Camera
  • Homemade Stereo Cameras
  • Triplet Lenses Are Very Good
  • Jeff and Gabe Discuss Getting Rid of Cameras
  • Should You Insure Your Camera Collection?
  • Cameras Don't Make Good Pictures, Good Cameras Allow You to Make Good Pictures
  • If You Can't Find the Perfect Camera, Make Your Own!
  • Anthony Gushes Over His Ikonta / Fixing Bellows
  • What is a Good Starting Point Into 4x5?
  • Roll Film Adapters on 4x5
  • The Cameradactyl
  • How to Keep Podcasts Short?

Show Notes

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