December 15, 2021

Episode 15: I Say Nye-con You Say Nick-on

After a week off, Anthony, Theo, Paul, and Mike return with Episode 15 with more open source camera nonsense.  This time we are joined by Nikon collector and historian, Robert Rotoloni, Bill Smith from the Classic Camera Revival Podcast, Miles Lybak, David Goldberg, Howard Sandler, and first time caller, Mark Peterson.

In this episode we discuss everything from press cameras like the Koni Rapid Omega to Nikon Series E lenses, M42 SLR recommendations, Nikonos and other underwater photography, and a story about when National Geographic got rid of all their Nikon Fs and switched to the Olympus OM-1.

Our next episode will be recorded on Monday, December 27th at a different time, with the hope of including some UK and European listeners.  The show will be recorded at 1PM Central Time, 2PM Eastern Time, and 7PM London Time.  If you are across the pond and have wanted to join the show, but didn't want to make up in the middle of the night, here's your chance to jump in and influence the discussion!

This Week's Episode

  • Camera Shipping Nightmares / Sometimes Cameras Are Shipped with Too Much Padding
  • Nippon Kogaku Made Viewfinders for Leicas and Everyone Else
  • Why Do Nikon Lenses Usually Hold Up So Well?
  • The Koni-Rapid Omega, Graflex XL, and Mamiya Super 23
  • Howard Wants Mike to Review the Koni Omegaflex
  • Nikkor Lenses Got Lighter in the 80s / You Can Drop 60s Nikkors on the Floor
  • What Was Different About the Series E Nikkor Lenses?
  • Joe DiMaggio - Not the Baseball Player
  • NYC Camera Stores - Camera Barn, Camera Row, Olden's, Minicam, Garden Camera, Wall St, 47th St, Spiratone, Willoughby's, Ken Hansen, and more
  • Howard Loves Burlington Camera in Canada
  • What Was Different About Black Nikon S2 Shutters? / Nikon Rangefinder Motor Driven Cameras
  • Robert and Paul Remember Rod Stines and Peter Lownds
  • Anthony Shoots Manatees with His Nikonos II
  • How Did the La Spirotechnique Calypso-Phot Become the Nikonos?
  • Nikon Marine Housing for the Nikon Rangefinder / Nikon F4 Underwater / Rolleimarin
  • Mark Peterson's New Pentax Spotmatic II / Recommended Asahi Takumar Lenses
  • Other Good M42 Mount SLRs (But Not the Zenit 16) / Praktica / Yashica / Fujica / Chinon
  • Corfield Interplan / Pontiac Lynx / Nikkor M39 Lenses
  • The KW Praktina Inspired Much of the Nikon F / Charles and John Noble / Soviet Gulags / Noblex Panoramic Camera
  • When UPI and National Geographic Sold Their Nikon Fs for the Olympus OM-1
  • The Nikon F has a 100% Viewfinder and a Mirror that Locks Down Every Single Time / The F2 Mirror Does Not Lock Down
  • The Nikon F2 Improved A Lot About the Nikon F / Mike Likes the F2 Shutter Release Better
  • Robert and Paul Reminisces About Shooting the Nikon F
  • Paul Gives Mark Peterson Dan Arnold's Olympus OM-1
  • Santa Uses Kangaroos in Australia
  • Episode 16 Will Be Our European Special Recorded Dec 27 at 7pm London Time
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